Dragon as Spider: How China is trapping Muslim nations?

First Pakistan. Then Iran. And now Saudi Arabia.

Of course we are not counting others: Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh. All playing Chinese Checkers.

Strangely, these monotheistic countries—indeed all 57 members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), led by the Saudis—were  theologically duty-bound to either convert or annihilate atheistic China; instead, they are all surrendering, one by one, to the crafty Dragon.

The EndGame: China, as we know it now, could first colonize, enslave and then gobble them up.

Always a patient expansionist, China is thinking far ahead, in terms of decades, if not centuries; these short-sighted Muslim nations are thinking only for the next year or two, or a decade at best.

In a way, therefore, China is coming to the myopic Muslim world as their ‘liberator’ from Islam, the same way the Muslim zealots had gone to pre-Islamic short-sighted countries as liberators from their ‘infidel’ past.

Call it cyclicality of history. Poetic justice. Or anti-dote to Islam.

The latest to join the Chinese bandwagon is Saudi Arabia, which is trying to get closer to Israel as well and has already pushed two of its acolytes, the UAE and Bahrain, to sign peace deals with Tel Aviv recently.

Apprehensive of losing the Muslims’ leadership to Turkey and Iran, the Saudis are doing everything they could, including sleeping with the old arch-enemies like Israel and China.

In August, western media reported that the Saudis are building a facility for extracting uranium “yellowcake” from ore with help from Beijing. The plant is located at Al Ula in the desert in the north-western desert in the Kingdom. The Saudis, caught sleeping with the Dragon as well, “categorically denied” but said they had contracts with China on uranium exploration. Yellowcake can be used both to produce nuclear power and, after enrichment, even nuclear bomb. The Saudis also claimed they wanted to diversify their energy sources to nuclear energy as well.

In 2018, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman (MbS) had said that his country would develop nuclear weapons if Iran also did so. Clearly, they are no longer putting all their eggs in the western basket and wooing China also.

But this revelation is likely to jeopardise the Saudi plan to establish full diplomatic relations with regional ‘superpower’ Israel which has sought guarantees both from Washington and Riyadh. Also, Congressional Democrats in the US capital have sought clarifications from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on this urgent matter.

Interestingly, China is simultaneously sleeping with the Saudis’ bete noire Iran. China’s 25-year-deal with Tehran, a $400 billion dollar project, and a host of other lollipops have come to light recently. Clearly, Beijing is leaving no stone unturned to eject the US and the West from the Middle East.

The reasons for this China policy are, obviously, clear: Beijing has only manpower; for energy, it must depend on the Middle East; and for raw materials on Africa.

Oh. I did not mention Islamabad. Don’t worry. Pakistan is now an international orphan. Bankrupt. Failed state. A basket case.

China no longer needs Pakistan as it did once. And Islamabad, even if it wanted to, cannot free itself from that Dragnet of the Dragon, also known as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). In any case, Pakistan is, except in name, a Chinese colony now.

Already, Chinese men are increasingly marrying Pakistani women, the way they earlier did in Tibet and Xinjiang. In a couple of generations, the Chinese will completely wipe out influence of Islam from Islamabad the way they have in mainland China itself.

And what China can do unto Pakistan, it can as well do unto Iran and Saudi Arabia!

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